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Strategies for Talent Acquisition and Selection

Updated: Apr 29

Meet Mindy East of Lime Rock Career Co., our Talent Excellence expert at IMPACT-STX! Get ready to revolutionize how you attract and select top talent for your nonprofit. Don't miss her insights on mastering the hiring process. Your organization's success starts with the right team.

Mindy's session, promises to be a game-changer for nonprofits seeking to navigate the crowded job market. With a focus on innovative recruitment tactics and refining the interview process, Mindy aims to empower leaders with the tools they need to identify and attract top talent effectively.

Why Attend Mindy's Session?

  • Discover Advanced Recruitment Strategies: Learn cutting-edge techniques to find and attract the skilled professionals your organization needs to thrive.

  • Optimize Your Interview Process: Gain valuable insights into conducting interviews that not only assess skill and fit but also reinforce your organization's mission and values.

  • Build Hiring Confidence: Increase your confidence in making selection decisions that will drive your organization's success and help your team SOAR.

Whether you're looking to expand your team, enhance your volunteer base, or just keen on learning from one of the best in the field, Mindy East's session is where you want to be. Join us to transform your hiring practices and set your organization on a path to greater impact.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Mindy East and other thought leaders at IMPACT-STX. Together, we're shaping the future of nonprofit excellence.

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