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Elevate Your Nonprofit's HR Practices with Marina Gonzales and Kevin Wolff

As nonprofit professionals, mastering the intricacies of human resources is crucial for fostering a productive, compliant, and motivated workforce. This year at the IMPACT Summit of Texas (IMPACTSTX), we are privileged to host Marina Gonzales and Kevin Wolff, seasoned experts from Gonzales Wolff Business Solutions, for a lecture that promises to transform your approach to HR. Their session, "Talent Excellence, HR Do's & Don'ts for Nonprofit Professionals," is designed to provide deep insights into the core areas of HR that are pivotal for every nonprofit leader's success.

IMPACT Summit Kevin Wolff Marina Gonzales

Expert Insights from Seasoned Professionals

Marina Gonzales, CEO and Managing Partner at Gonzales Wolff Business Solutions, brings a rich background in nonprofit leadership and advocacy. Before her current role, she served as President & CEO of Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA), where she led over 45 staff members and 600 volunteer advocates. Her extensive experience in managing complex nonprofit ecosystems makes her an invaluable resource for understanding the nuances of HR in the nonprofit sector.

Kevin Wolff, MBA, SPHR, Managing Partner, adds a wealth of knowledge from his diverse experiences in human resources and organizational design. Having served in significant capacities at major corporations like Citigroup and as Chief Operations Officer for First American Title, Kevin brings over 30 years of HR expertise that is both broad and deeply relevant to the needs of today's nonprofits.

Key Learnings from the Session

Attendees of this keynote will dive into essential HR practices tailored for the nonprofit sector, covering:

  • Compliance: Navigate the legal landscape of HR compliance to ensure your organization meets all necessary legal and ethical standards.

  • Onboarding/Offboarding: Learn to implement effective onboarding and offboarding processes that enhance employee experience and protect organizational interests.

  • Ongoing Management Principles: Discover strategies for ongoing staff management that foster a motivated, engaged, and productive workplace.

Why This Session Is a Must-Attend

This lecture is more than just an educational opportunity—it's a chance to transform your nonprofit's HR practices from the ground up. Marina and Kevin's combined expertise offers a unique perspective that bridges traditional business acumen with nonprofit-specific challenges and solutions. Participants will gain practical tips and strategies that can be immediately implemented to make a tangible impact on their organizations.

The Impact of Effective HR Practices

Effective human resources management is the backbone of any successful organization. For nonprofits, where resources can be limited and stakes high, efficient HR practices are even more critical. They ensure that the organization not only runs smoothly but also upholds its mission with integrity and effectiveness. By attending this session, you will equip yourself with the knowledge to elevate your HR practices and, consequently, the overall impact of your nonprofit.

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