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Meet the Voices of Change at the DEI Panel

In an era where diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are at the forefront of organizational priorities, the San Antonio Area Foundation is leading the charge with its San Antonio Equity Fellowship. This initiative is a beacon of hope and transformation in the community, dedicating itself to advancing equity and strengthening the leaders who are pivotal to this cause. We are thrilled to announce an upcoming DEI Panel at the IMPACT Summit, featuring distinguished fellows from this program, who will share their insights and experiences on driving DEI in nonprofit leadership.

IMPACT Summit DEI Panel

The Panelists: Leaders of Change

Moderated by Allen Blair, the panel boasts a dynamic lineup of nonprofit leaders who are part of the San Antonio Equity Fellowship. Panelists include Alexis Moore, Misty Harty, Elizabeth Moseley, and Adrianne Acevedo—each a testament to the vibrant potential of leaders of color in our community. These individuals have been immersed in a six-month transformative leadership program, engaging in monthly leadership sessions that not only enhance personal growth but also empower them to effect substantial societal changes toward greater justice and equity.

Why This Panel Matters

The DEI Panel at the IMPACT Summit is not just an event; it's a crucial conversation that encapsulates the essence of what it means to lead with equity at the forefront. Participants of the San Antonio Area Foundation’s Equity Program are uniquely positioned to provide valuable perspectives on:

  • Constructive Change: How nonprofit leaders can implement effective DEI strategies within their organizations and communities.

  • Leadership and Vision: The importance of leadership development in achieving long-term societal equity.

  • Community Impact: The role of nonprofit leaders in driving change in the Area Foundation's impact areas: Cultural Vibrancy, Livable and Resilient Communities, Successful Aging, and Youth Success.

The Value of Participation

Attending this session offers more than just the opportunity to listen to transformative stories and expert advice. It's an invitation to engage in a dialogue that challenges the status quo, inspires actionable change, and fosters a deeper understanding of the roles we all play in creating a more equitable society. The insights shared by these fellows will illuminate the pathways for integrating DEI into the core operations of nonprofit organizations, highlighting the tangible benefits of such integration not just for the organizations themselves, but for the broader community they serve.

Join Us for a Transformative Experience

If you are committed to advancing DEI within your organization or community, this panel is an essential part of your journey. The experiences and knowledge these leaders bring to the table will provide a foundation for understanding the complex dynamics of DEI and how to navigate them effectively.

We encourage all nonprofit professionals, community leaders, and anyone interested in the principles of equity and inclusion to join us for this enlightening discussion. Prepare to leave the session not only inspired but also equipped with the practical tools and knowledge needed to drive meaningful change in your spheres of influence.

The IMPACT Summit is proud to host such an eminent panel, reflecting our commitment to fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the nonprofit sector. The San Antonio Area Foundation’s Equity Fellowship participants are set to offer a session that promises depth, engagement, and a renewed sense of purpose for all attendees.

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