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Navigating the Terrain of Tough Talks with Bonita Owens at the IMPACT Summit

Updated: Apr 29

In the tapestry of human interactions, difficult conversations are the threads we often attempt to avoid. They're intricate, sometimes uncomfortable, and frequently necessary for growth, understanding, and progress. Bonita Owens, renowned Owner and Leadership Facilitator at AWN Leadership Consulting brings her expertise to the IMPACT Summit with a workshop that promises to change how we approach these pivotal dialogues. "The Elephant In the Room: How to Stop Avoiding Difficult Conversations" is not just a session; it's a journey into the heart of communication, courage, and connection.

Bonita Ownes speaking at Navigating The Art of Difficult Conversations with Bonita Owens at the IMPACT Summit

The Art of Difficult Conversations

Bonita's workshop is built on the foundation that honest conversations need not be destructive. In fact, when navigated with skill and empathy, they can strengthen the bridges between us. Her interactive session delves into the nuanced strategies essential for fostering impactful dialogues, whether in the boardroom, at the dinner table, or anywhere in between.

Key Takeaways from Bonita's Workshop:

1. Honesty Without Harm: Learn how to express your truth in ways that respect both your perspective and the person you're engaging with. Bonita offers insights into maintaining integrity while ensuring communication remains constructive.

2. Courageous Conversations in Any Setting: Discover the secrets to initiating and navigating difficult discussions at work, with family, and among friends. This workshop will equip you with the courage to address sensitive topics head-on, fostering a culture of open dialogue and mutual respect.

3. Practical Tips for Navigating Tricky Conversations:"What to Say and How to Say It" forms the crux of Bonita's session. Participants will leave with three practical tips on managing tricky conversations for the best outcomes, ensuring that every word spoken contributes positively to resolving the matter at hand.

Why This Workshop Is Essential

Avoiding difficult conversations can lead to unresolved issues, festering resentment, and missed growth opportunities. Bonita Owens' session at the IMPACT Summit is a beacon for anyone looking to improve their communication skills, foster healthier relationships, and lead with greater empathy and understanding. Her practical approach demystifies the complexities of challenging dialogues, empowering attendees to engage in conversations that matter with confidence and grace.

Join Us for a Transformative Experience

Whether you're a leader looking to enhance your team's dynamics, an individual aiming to improve personal relationships, or simply someone interested in becoming a better communicator, this workshop is for you. Join Bonita Owens for an empowering session that promises to change the way you engage in difficult conversations, both in your personal and professional life.

The IMPACT Summit is proud to host this transformative workshop, reinforcing our commitment to fostering leadership, communication, and positive impact in the nonprofit sector and beyond. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field and take a significant step toward mastering the art of courageous conversations.

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