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 Maximize Your Grant Success with Daniela Paz at the IMPACT Summit

Updated: Apr 29

In the realm of nonprofit organizations, securing a grant is a momentous occasion. It's a testament to your cause's validity, your team's hard work, and the potential impact your project can have. However, the journey doesn't end with a successful grant application; it's just beginning. "We got the grant! Now what?" is a question many find themselves asking, and it's precisely the question Daniela Paz, Chief Operations Officer at Ascend Nonprofit and Business Solutions, aims to answer in her upcoming workshop at the IMPACT Summit.

Grant Management: The Road After Success

Daniela's interactive workshop, designed for both seasoned grant managers and those new to the field, promises to demystify the post-grant reception process. The session, aptly named "We Got the Grant! Now What?" focuses on the crucial aspects of grant management and compliance. It's an opportunity to gain valuable insights into navigating the complexities that come after the initial celebration.

What to Expect from the Workshop

1. Understanding Funder Requirements: Daniela will guide attendees through the process of interpreting award agreements and funder requirements. This initial step is crucial for setting your project up for success and ensuring you're fully aware of the expectations from the get-go.

2. Implementing Best Practices for Grant Management: Learn the ins and outs of efficient grant management. From organizing documentation to scheduling deliverables, Daniela will share strategies and tools to keep your project on track and compliant with grant requirements.

3. Enhancing Your Reporting Skills: One of the most critical components of successful grant management is effective reporting. This workshop will delve into techniques for improving both impact and financial reporting. Daniela's goal is to help you communicate your achievements and challenges compellingly and transparently, ensuring continued support from your funders.

Why This Workshop Is a Must-Attend

Whether you've just received your first grant or are looking to refine your grant management process, Daniela's workshop is an invaluable resource. The hands-on approach encourages real-time application of concepts, providing you with immediate feedback and actionable solutions to common grant management challenges.

By focusing on best practices, compliance, and effective reporting, Daniela aims to equip nonprofit leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize grant utilization and, ultimately, enhance their organization's impact.

Join Us for a Deep Dive into Grant Management

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Daniela Paz, a seasoned expert in nonprofit solutions. The "We Got the Grant! Now What?" workshop is your key to unlocking the full potential of your grants, ensuring they serve as a foundation for sustainable impact and growth for your organization.

Join us at the IMPACT Summit for an engaging session that promises not only to answer your post-grant questions but also to empower you to manage your grants more effectively and confidently.

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