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Launching into the Future: Carrie Gray's Masterclass on Capital Campaigns at IMPACT-STX

Updated: Apr 29

In the realm of nonprofit development and fundraising, capital campaigns stand as monumental efforts that can significantly transform an organization's capacity to serve its mission. It's with great excitement that we announce Carrie Gray, Owner and Principal of Cielo Strategy Group, as a featured speaker at this year's IMPACT Summit of Texas (IMPACT-STX). Carrie brings to the stage a wealth of knowledge and experience with her lecture, "Significant and Specific: Preparing for A Capital Campaign."

This session is more than a lecture; it's a comprehensive exploration into the world of capital campaigns, designed to demystify the process and arm nonprofit leaders with the tools and understanding needed to embark on these ambitious endeavors successfully.

Key Takeaways from Carrie's Session:

  • Foundation of Capital Campaigns: Dive into the nine key principles that underpin every successful capital campaign, providing a strong foundation for your fundraising strategy.

  • Assessing Readiness: Learn how to critically assess your organization's readiness for a capital campaign, including understanding your risk tolerance and what it takes to run a campaign that achieves its goals.

  • Campaign Components: Gain insights into the different components of a capital campaign and the specific activities involved in each phase, ensuring you're well-prepared for the journey ahead.

  • Enhancing Annual Fundraising: Discover how a well-executed capital campaign can not only achieve its own objectives but also strengthen your annual fundraising program, providing lasting benefits to your organization.

Carrie's session promises to be an enlightening and engaging experience, perfect for nonprofit leaders contemplating or preparing for a capital campaign. Whether you're at the drawing board or ready to launch, this lecture will provide the strategic clarity and specific guidance needed to ensure your campaign's success.

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