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Fostering Ethical Excellence: Lasha Murray's Unapologetic Approach to Leadership at IMPACT-STX

Updated: Apr 29

Lashay Murry speaking at IMPACTSTX about compliance and ethics

Compliance and Ethics

In an era where organizational integrity is under the microscope, fostering a culture of compliance and ethical integrity is more crucial than ever. That's why we're thrilled to welcome Lasha Murray, CEO and Founder of The Unapologetic Leadership Coach, to this year's IMPACT Summit of Texas (IMPACT-STX). Lasha's workshop, "Ethical Integrity - Building a Culture of Compliance," promises to be a transformative experience, guiding leaders through the essential steps to embed ethical integrity deeply within their organizations' fabric.

Lasha's approach is unapologetically straightforward: Ethical integrity is non-negotiable. This workshop is designed to inspire leaders to prioritize ethical integrity not as a checkbox but as the cornerstone of their organization's culture. Through interactive discussions, practical exercises, and real-life problem-solving, attendees will explore how to cultivate an environment where compliance and ethics are viewed as critical components of success, trust, and reputation.

Key Insights from Lasha's Workshop:

Ethical Integrity as a Core Value: Discover why ethical integrity must permeate every aspect of an organization, beyond mere compliance requirements, and how this commitment to doing the right thing fosters trust and credibility.

The Role of Leadership: Learn about the "tone from the top" and how leadership's embodiment of ethical behavior serves as the ultimate model for the entire organization. Lasha will discuss strategies for leaders to reinforce the importance of ethical integrity and compliance consistently.

Empowering Ethical Decision-Making: Gain insights into equipping employees with the tools, resources, and support they need to navigate ethical dilemmas. This includes providing frameworks for ethical decision-making, safe channels for raising concerns, and creating a culture where ethical discussions are not just encouraged but expected.

Lasha Murray's workshop at IMPACT-STX is an essential session for any leader committed to building a resilient, trustworthy, and ethically-driven organization. Join us for an opportunity to learn from one of the most passionate voices in the field of leadership and ethics.

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