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Unlock the Power of Data with María Fernández: Strategies for Meaningful Program Evaluation

Updated: Apr 29

At this year’s IMPACT-STX summit, we are honored to host María Fernández, Co-Founder and Principal of Juárez & Fernández Consulting, LLC, as she leads an essential workshop titled "Measuring What Matters: Strategies for Meaningful Program Evaluation." This interactive session promises to transform the way nonprofit professionals approach program evaluation, offering a hands-on learning experience that emphasizes real-world application and collaborative learning.

In an era where demonstrating impact is crucial, many nonprofits struggle to measure and communicate the true value of their programs. María’s workshop is designed to address these challenges head-on, guiding participants through the process of developing a practical and inclusive approach to identifying and prioritizing the most meaningful measures of success.

Session Highlights:

Identify Critical Outcomes: Participants will learn to pinpoint 2-3 key outcomes vital to their program's success and determine the most meaningful measures for tracking progress.

Explore Impact Tools: Discover effective tools and sources to credibly describe your program’s impact, making it easier to communicate the difference your work is making.

Cultivate a Data-Driven Culture: Gain essential insights and tools for fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making within your organization, ensuring that every team member understands the value of measuring impact.

Special attention will be paid to advancing equitable outcomes for program participants, ensuring that your evaluation strategies are inclusive and reflective of the diverse communities you serve.

Whether you’re an Executive Director seeking strategic alignment between program outcomes and organizational goals, or a Program Director eager to showcase your impact to supporters and stakeholders, María’s session is a must-attend. Join us for an opportunity to learn from one of the field’s most respected experts and take the first step towards transforming your program evaluation processes.

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